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Lace Hijab Trends


Lace is considered to be a huge trend for this spring/summer 2013. We have seen the latest runways and collections, lace is part of each one of them. The new lace though is modified, it’s trendy and nothing like before.

When it comes to wearing a hijab lace, the question is what color, which one looks more feminine

Feminine Lace: Defining Colors:

If there is a season which gives you the opportunity to wear your favorite colors, spring is. You can wear whatever lace color hijab you like and still look stunning, but there are few that can add beauty to your face and outfit these are:

Black Lace and White Lace: You can wear a black or white lace for this season, or a mix combination of these two.

Sunburn and Nude colors: You can try wearing a nude lace hijab which is simply combined with any color outfit or dress you may wear.

Yellow,Pink, Green and Blue: are the new trend, fabulous for spring!

Nude Lace Hijab

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Grey Hijab with White Lace

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Blue Hijab

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 Light Brown/Nude Lace Hijab

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Red Hijab Lace

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Black Hijab Lace:

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White Hijab Lace

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