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Latest Hijab Style Trends in 2014

Cool Hijab Style

There was a time when Hijab was considered as merely one of the obligations that has to be followed by all Muslim women. The first thing which strikes your mind in relation to Hijab was simply covering yourself properly. No one could have ever thought that a term such a “Hijab Style” will ever exist. But yes! Over the past few years hijab fashion has emerged as a new industry and has been successful enough in motivating many Muslim women to follow this obligation. The most common reason which women used to give for not wearing Hijab was they cannot style themselves in Hijab. Though this approach was wrong but thanks to our stylists who have given various trends in Hijab styles. This is the topic of our today’s post in which we will tell you about some of the Latest Hijab Style Trends in 2014. We have selected these trends on the basis of your need and popularity. We hope these this will help you for sure in making you look beautiful.

Daily Hijab Style for Office

Working women who wear Hijab always look for different ways to style themselves in an elegant way. I know it is very difficult to go to your working place with Hijab in  a stylish look. So women should wear such kinds of Hijab which is though simple but gives a formal touch. One suggestion that I can give you is to simply wrap a Hijab around your face & tie a knot on the neck. Some other unique ways are displayed in the images below:

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Latest Hijab Style Trends in 2014 smart hijab

Triangular Hijab Style

Another hijab style which is very much in trend these days is to wrap your Hijab scarf in a triangular shape. It not only looks graceful but helps in adding a formal look. Girls who are studying or are working in offices can especially try this out on their special occasions and gatherings.

Latest Hijab Style Trends in 2014 Triangle scarf hijab style

Latest Hijab Style Trends in 2014 latest hijab design 3


Latest Hijab Style Trends in 2014 loosely draped hijab for triangular face

Funky Hijab Style

This trend is particularly aimed for all such young girls who want to enjoy a cool and funky look with Hijab. They can wrap the scarf on their heads in the form of a turban which gives them a casual yet funky look. So if you are fond of wearing jeans and skirts then you can style yourself with this Hijab trend.

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Latest Hijab Style Trends in 2014 latest summer hijab collection 2012 for muslim women 01


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Hijab Styles for Outdoor Activities

If you are planning for some outdoor activity or any picnic then you should wear Hijab in a way which can resist lots of heat in case the weather is hot. Also for such occasions you should avoid wearing silk hijabs as they absorb a lot of heat. you should prefer wearing cotton hijabs of light and cool colors.

Latest Hijab Style Trends in 2014 new hijab styles trend for girls collection 2013

Latest Hijab Style Trends in 2014 muslim girls in hijab

Latest Hijab Style Trends in 2014 310089 hijab style casual hijab style

We hope that these styles have helped you in trying out new looks with Hijab. Share your precious comments with us and do let us know which of these styles you liked the most.