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Lipstick Tips

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We all know that choosing the right lipstick is not that easy, especially when you have to think about to combine it with make up and outfit. So girls, here are some useful tips on lipstick and different color use.

Lets start with the red and pink lipstick,2 colors that makes every girls face look sexy and passionate.I’d suggest the red lipstick for a serious event ,classy ones as I would suggest it for a long night in clubs and pubs.
Lipstick Tips red lipstick3 251x300
Also I would suggest to experiment with lipsticks, put them in contrast with your clothes color,it will attract the eyes and you’ll feel fabulous !
Lipstick Tips Pink Lipsticks 225x300
Hot pink is such a strong color,it looks great either you are blonde or brunette both ways you will look amazing and full of life.

Lipstick Tips black lipstick 235x300
Another trend is the dark lipstick it dopesnt matter if its brown or dark pink or whatever,we all see the dark lipstick on the runways because its fashionable and dramatic.