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L’Oreal Smokey Eye Makeup

l oreal smokey eye

L’Oreal Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes require some good techniques on makeup to make them look good, don’t worry that’s not difficult to do, with the right tips you can do that easily by following the L’Oreal Paris useful tips:
L’Oreal Smokey Eye Makeup Loreal Eye makeup

1. Apply Touché Magique concealer. Always choose a brighter color than the color of your actual skin so it will cover better the dark cycles under your eyes. Smokey eyes are dark usually so using the concealer it will make the makeup look clearer and better.
2. Use Black Pencil. Dry a line above your upper lashes with the dark pencil, think line and only in the corner so you can give the shape needed to make the Smokey eyes look fabulous.
3. With the same pencil dry a line under the eye very close to eyelashes.

4. Apply beige color all over the lids until close to the brow that is the base of the Smokey eye makeup.

L’Oreal Smokey Eye Makeup smokey eyes makeup
5. Now we start applying dark eyeshadow, you can choose whatever you like as long as its dark such a black, dark brown, dark grey, apply it softly and gently so you can give it the neutral look.
6. To give your eyes a brighter look use a white eyeshadow next to the tear ducts.
7. To finish the look apply a lot of mascara, if needed apply twice, choose a volumizing mascara.