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Mask Facial for Oily Skin

cucumber yoghurt facial mask

Having an oily skin is a common problem nowadays. Most annoying it is in the summer, where the hot temperatures make the skin even more sweaty and oily, but that doesn’t mean that in the winter you won’t have that problem anymore. Having a balanced oily skin is good, it will make your skin look soft and full if life, but in order to do that you have to follow properly the steps we have provided for you.

1.One of the best masks that are quiet famous all around the world about oily skin is the mask with yogurt and strawberry. I know it sound delicious to eat but no, this one is for your face.

It’s very easy to be done and quiet effective, for this mask you will need five to six (5-6) strawberries , clean ones, wash them good before, and put them in a bowl, after add on the blow a tablespoon of yogurt. Scramble them slowly until it takes a neutral color and becomes like a paste.

Apply it in your face and let it stay there for no more than 20 minutes, after that you will need cold water to wash your face. Do that in regular base and very soon you will see positive results in a short time.
Mask Facial for Oily Skin strawberry yoghurt

2.The second Facial mask for oily skins is Cucumber and yogurt. We all know the positive effects cucumber does to the face, so what’s better than mix it with yogurt? For a better and faster result try this: Take a small cucumber and cut it into pieces, very small pieces or if you have you can use the blender to make it even smaller.

Add a tablespoon of yogurt and with a spoon try to make it like a paste, a smooth paste. This will not only take off the oil from your face but also clean it and make it look brighter. Leave the mask for a few minutes and then take it off with water.

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3. Eggs and Avocado Mask. For this mask you will need one egg, beat it until it gets all yellow and smooth, take half of avocado and squash it, add the avocado on the bowl where you putted the egg first and try to make it like a smooth paste, after apply it gently in your face and live it for about 15 minutes, don’t forget to wash it with water after.