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Maxi Skirts with Converse Shoes


Wearing the appropriate dress with suitable accessories is considered to be of great significance and represent ones personality too. However contrast and matching is sort of cumbersome and time consuming for some people in their very busy life. How about getting some reasonable ideas right here to have a clear mind set of what to grab from the market. So below are some matches for Maxi Skirts with Converse Shoes.

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Hope you will find them helpful for your wardrobe.

Set I – Black Skirt & Converse Shoes

Here is a set showing nicely stitched black maxi skirt with a cool floral top and a jacket. Solid Black converse shoes given will go great with the skirt. The accessories provided are also delicate and not too much glittery. So this is the perfect package for teenagers finding it  hard to get a fine and stylish look.

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Set II – Black Skirt with Grey Converse Shoes

This is another set having very refine looking grey converse shoes and a black skirt. The contrast of black with grey have always been much appreciated. It seems quite evident in the picture below and so is the best option for all those who like not so sharp colors. This will suit all those who prefer a simple but smart appearance overall. You can walk, run and do all your activities with the very comfortable converse shoes.

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 Set III – Fawn Skirt & Chocolate Converse Shoes

Another set of very elegantly and smartly combined clothes and accessories is this one. This Hijab dress with maxi skirts have got the dark brown leathery shoes as the most appropriate.

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Some Funky but Attractive Converse Shoes

To add more options, these are some converse shoes designed differently from the traditional ones. The addition of the Golden beaded strap as in this picture instead of the laces makes them more manageable and a good match with Maxi skirts at the same time.

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I find these ones very different, smart and glamorous when worn with Maxi skirts of your Hijab dress. Black with shiny silver thorn like beads and  the creamy colored converse shoes, both are worth having. These would go with any color of the Maxi skirts but would fit best with white and black.

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