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Modern & Easy Turban Hijab Tutorial Fashion 2015

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Turban’s hijab fashion has now become the most attractive head dress, that’s why lots of women and girls want a step by step tutorial of it, and it’s the modern dress of 2015. Many Girls usually wear a printed turban hijab for parties and Occasions and they sometimes wear it simple so it depends on you, how you wear it. When you wear it, it gives you a pretty and beautiful look. Pashmina and turban are both my favorite hijabs. They are all casual headscarves.

We are living in the era of fashion, trend and new style and now dressing up properly has become very important for a well-groomed look and this perfect sense of dressing will boost our confidence and make us stand proudly inthe crowd. With the advancement in fashion and trends Hijab styles are also modified from simple black to colorful Hijabs and now Hijabs have become part of our wardrobe. Hijab truly reflects one’s Imaan and devotion to Allah and now this awareness is spread among ladies and they love to wear Hijabs for a decent and modest look.

Hijab is the essence of beauty of every lady and now ladies love to wear Hijab in different styles, colors and features to give ladies a respectable look. Before it gets too late let me open the discussion on Hijab Fashion.

Step By Step Fashion Tutorial of Hijab Turban Style

Modern & Easy Turban Hijab Tutorial Fashion 2015 hijab fashion tutorial

Turban Hijab is also calleda Head wrap and it is a type of covering worn by Muslim ladies to cover their heads. Both Simple and Printed Turban Hijabs can be styled in a unique way to give ladies a smart look. There are different types of head coverings worn by Muslim ladies but Turban Hijabs have an edgy quality of enhanced comfort and stylish look. But gist of article is concerned witha tutorial to facilitate ladies with the quick & easiest ways of tying Turban Hijabs with classy outfits for a stylish but modest look.

Step 1

Modern & Easy Turban Hijab Tutorial Fashion 2015 hijab fashion tutorial1

First place a cap on your head that covers your hair and head region and gives it some height and also prevents the scarf or shawl from slipping off your head. Then take a shawl or rectangular scarf and place it over your cap in such way that both right and left length of scarfis equal.

Step 2

Modern & Easy Turban Hijab Tutorial Fashion 2015 hijab fashion tutorial2

Modern & Easy Turban Hijab Tutorial Fashion 2015 hijab fashion tutorial3

Then bring both edges of the scarf forward and wrap one side of rectangular scarf/shawl diagonally on your head and then the other side in same manner. Make sure after tying both ends diagonally to hold them tightly for a tidy look.

Step 3

Modern & Easy Turban Hijab Tutorial Fashion 2015 hijab fashion tutorial4

Now bring both edges at the back and tie a knot at lower back side of your head. Then tuck both pieces over your head under diagonal folds to make it tight and for perfect style.In short, above steps will surely help you ladies to

successfully tie a Turban Hijab Fashionably and for further guidance a few images of Turbanstyles are shown below:

Modern & Easy Turban Hijab Tutorial Fashion 2015 hijab fashion tutorial5


Step 1: Place the scarf on your head with equal lengths.

Step 2: Bring the ends to the back and cross them over one another.

Step 3: Bring both ends to the front and grab hold of one of them.

Step 4: Take the end and bring it over your head to the opposite side.

Steps 5: Wrap it around your head and tuck in the remaining piece.

Step 6: Grab hold of the other end.

Step 7: Bring it over your head and create a loose bulge.

Step 8: Tuck in the remaining piece, and you’re done.