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Muslim Wedding Trends 2015


Wedding is the one the most pure and beautiful relation in this world. This bond is so strong and unique which can tie the destiny of any two human beings. There is no particular criterion which is set for marriage. Any man or woman can be a part of this beautiful bond willingly or unwillingly. Wedding brings together two souls very much close to each other. They vow to take care of each other for the rest of their lives and each one of the two will fulfill the necessary responsibilities towards each other.

The concept of wedding is a part of almost every religion, culture and tradition. So the history of wedding dates back to the time of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve are both considered as the first human beings who were sent on earth and they were tied in a bond of husband and wife. Hence, this fact proves the legacy of this tradition which is still accomplished today.

However, the trends regarding wedding ceremonies do change with time and may vary from one religion to another and even from one region to another, etc. If I talk broadly and categorizing the wedding trends with respect to different religions then the concept of wedding is different in Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Jews, etc. Christians’ wedding ceremonies are held in churches, Hindus do in their temples, Muslims in mosques, etc. But in each type both man and woman are declared as the partners for life.

If I particularly talk about Muslim weddings then according to ancient traditions wedding ceremonies were held with great simplicity in mosques where the Nikkah is held. The leader of the mosque commonly known as Maulvi asks the bride first for her acceptance after which the groom is asked to show his willingness for this marriage. Once Nikkah is accomplished the bride goes with the groom to his house and now she becomes a part of entirely new setup and family. Once this is done now the groom announces for the Walima commonly called as a reception where both families celebrate. Nikkah and Walima are the compulsory aspects of Muslim wedding and the wedding is not considered as complete without these two rituals.

But as I have always discussed the changing trends with my readers so here as well I am going to tell the changes in trends which Muslim weddings have witnessed with time. Today, apart from walima and nikkah events like Barat, Mehndi, Dholak, Maayoun, etc. held. Instead of mosques, Nikkah is also held in homes or at the venue of weddings. Similarly, changes in trends regarding the wedding dresses have also been witnessed. So now I will display some of the moments which I have gathered and are a part of the Muslim wedding. I hope that you will like these pictures and these will be really helpful for you to understand about the culture and concept of Muslim weddings.


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