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Mustache Necklace DIY


Leather mustache necklaces has become girls favorite all over the world. They are easy to purchase and with a reasonable price have fun wearing necklace mustache- but why not do it yourself? it’s so easy to do, and you don’t have to spend a cent. Look at these picture tutorials and I am sure you’re going to make the best mustache necklace ever!

1- First of all, draw the shape of mustache in a paper -as it is shown in the picture-and then place the mustache you draw on the top of a black leather(just a piece of black leather, maybe an old clothe you no longer wear) and draw the shape of mustache on the leather.

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2- After drawing the mustache shape on the black leather, now cut it carefully.

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3-  After doing so, make two holes on the each corner of the mustache by using the machine in the picture or any other suitable object. The holes are needed so you can put the chain, make sure you don’t make big holes, just enough to fit the chain.

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4-  You can choose a silver or gold chain but in this case we chose silver because thought looks better with the black mustache.

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5- there you have it, absolutely stunning !

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