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Nail Art Ideas and Designs


If you are an art love and doing your nails with different designs excite you, then you came on the right place. In this article you will find some different designs and ideas on how to do it yourself. I brought some easy designs that doesn’t require a lot of effort but still look glamorous and stylish.

 1-  White and Red, Step by Step Design 

Nail Art Ideas and Designs  Find the Fit Nail Design

* As it is shown in the picture above, first pain your nail with a white nail polish and then after it dries add three drops of red nail polish and then above the red drops add a little bit if white nail polish, then with a thin brush make an irregular design that looks like a flower. It’s so easy to do and so beautiful in the same time.

2- Transparent , blue nail polish and blue rhinestones 

Nail Art Ideas and Designs  French Tip Nail Designs1 300x225

This design is just astonishing, simple but same time great. You can do this design yourself by following these simple steps, first apply a transparent gel coat and let it dry, then take a blue nail polish and apply it in triangle shape started from the corner from up to down. Then add some rhinestones like it is shown in the pictures. You can also pant the blue nail polish with a thick brush like it shows in the picture or you can leave it simple, up to you.

3- Pink and Black Nail Polish 

Nail Art Ideas and Designs  cool hand painted nail designs 300x225


This probably may be the easiest design ever, but the most famous during the last few months. I have seen this design as a tattoo, I have seen it as an eye makeup, and now nails. It’s so trendy and you can do it yourself, with other colors also but for now I will explain how to do this kind of design. First apply the pink nail polish and let it dry, then take a black nail polish and with a thin brush paint irregular circles all over as it is shown in the pictures.