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Necklaces Trend 2014


As word ladies comes to our mind suddenly we struck with concept of Jewelry. Jewelry reflect our ladies and in Eastern countries trend of Jewelry is on full bloom. Every lady loves to wear jewelry however essence of Jewelry concerns with necklaces and earrings. But here in this article we are concerned with  “Necklaces Trend 2014”. Necklaces are key part of Jewelry and necklaces are designed into simple delicate designs to heavy necklaces. Heavy large gold necklaces are designed for eastern brides to give the fabulous look along with earrings but western brides are mostly styled in simple delicate necklaces of silver color.

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Necklaces Trend 2014 offers u exclusive delicate necklaces of golden and silver color that are designed elegantly into intricate patterns with deliberate insertion of ornaments to give ladies classy and trendy look. So lets have a look on few latest necklaces whom trend is on peak at 2014.

Style 1

Simple Golden necklaces will surely rock year 201. Ladies love to style in simple golden necklaces because of their edgy benefit that they can be worn with versatility of colorful outfits. Golden necklaces are uniquely designed into elegant styles having bold floral pattrens or intricate designs that giv ladies cool and classy look.

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Style 2

Golden necklaces are elegantly designed with large colorful crystals or stones like ruby, sapphires and others that are designed particularly with matching dresses. Intricate complex designs with deliberate insertion of colorful stones all around necklaces are key fashion trend of 2014.

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Style 3

Pearls are also very popular among ladies. Delicate necklaces embellished with off white pearls will be included in running trend of 2014. Necklaces having small flowers with embedded leaves between convulated twists and turns with hanging large off white pearls below with small central white beads will be preferable choice of ladies for formal parties and ceremonies  during 2014.

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Style 4

Delicate necklaces loaded with crystals of silver and with beads of oval, rectangular and round shape at edges will be trend of 2o14. colorful beads attached at edges of necklaces will facilitate ladies to wear with any colorful outfits.

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In short Necklaces Trend 2014 offers delicate and elegant necklaces with latest styles and designs and hope so this exclusive variety of necklaces will surely grasp attention of ladies.