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Obesity An Important Health Issue


Here we go with one of disastrous health issue that has risen to its peak. Thousands of people are seen frustrated due to this important health issue.  Guys yes, its OBESITY which is mother of all diseases.

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Obesity is important health issue of today’s world.  Being obese is not a great problem but how obesity is occurring rapidly and how it is interlinked to other diseases is the main focus. Obesity or being obese means to have increased body weight which leads to many health issues like coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and metabolic syndrome.

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Causes of Obesity

Overeating is major cause of obesity. Calories intake should be kept in mind while eating. Diet that is rich in calories particularly in lipids or cholesterol is major factor contributing towards obesity. Latest trend of eating  junk food or fast food like pizzas, burgers, rice  and fries instead of fruits and vegetables are the leading factors of obesity.


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Eating more and walking less is another solid factor leading to obesity. Today in 21st century world has been revolutionized with latest inventions which made people lazy and idle. We prefer to watch television, playing games on computer but do not want to do exercise. Eating high calorie food with consumption of high energy without any physical exercise or walk play key role in making us obese.

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Excessive use of steroidal drugs, contraceptives, anti-depressants and insulin are directly linked to obesity. Everyone seems frustrated today so to relieve their tension and worries  anti-depressants are frequently used by people of all ages  which play key role in causing obesity .

Obesity is inherited and genetic factors contribute a lot towards obesity. In certain families obesity is major problem that governs many generations.

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Health issues related to obesity

Many issues are related to obesity like Hypertension, Diabetes type 2 and heart diseases. Increase in cholesterol level may damage arteries that is leading factor contributing toward Hypertension that is dangerous for people. Once arteries become damaged or cholesterol deposition even leads to coronary heart disease as well as diabetes.Obesity An Important Health Issue Cholesterol Obesity An Important Health Issue article new ehow images a05 74 eh diet exercise obesity 800x8001

In end I want to summarize that obesity is the disastrous health problem that is becoming common in modern society. It should be controlled to save ourself from many dangerous diseases as well as to improve our physical health.