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Oral Herpes Signs Symptoms Treatment

Oral Herpes
Oral Herpes

Oral herpes, or also known as fever blister or cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus that can create blisters around your lips, gums, mouth and so on. The area where they are created is different from person to person but the oral herpes is the same, small and sometimes painful. In this article you will read about the signs, symptoms and treatment of oral herpes.


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Oral Herpes

Signs of oral herpes

The most important thing you should know about herpes is that they are contagious, if you have any contact with a person that has herpes, you will get it too – by a touch, towels, sharing your personal things, or any other form.

If you have any contact with someone that has oral herpes, the signs will probably appear after a week or two. Usually herpes last for about 10 days, the reason that cause oral herpes are various, such as- stress, illness and fever, sun exposure and so on.


For about a day or two before you have oral herpes you can tell the symptoms, here are some:

Rush mouth, lips and gum

Vesicles- small blisters

Red and itchy skin around your lips and mouth



If you don’t treat oral herpes it will likely stay for about a week, maximum two but they are quite annoying and not good to look at therefore with antiviral medication you can get rid of oral herpes within 2-3 days. In order to eliminate any change of oral herpes to spread around your lips you have to wash it with water and soap very often.

If you feel any pain then put some ice there, like this you will also eliminate the change for having a red skin around the oral herpes.

Oral herpes are more common during the winter; cold weather may stimulate it, as well as cold and fever.