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Outstanding Homemade Hair Conditioners

Healthy Hair
Healthy Hair

When we apply hair products such as -gels, creams, sprays we always try to avoid the root, why? Because they are not 100% natural and can destroy our hair root and strength therefore applying homemade hair conditioners is so much better and beneficial for your pocket. If you have wondered how to do it yourself, below you can find some amazing homemade hair conditioners which will make your hair healthy and stronger.

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Healthy Hair


1-This mask should be applied to your hair straight after shower, after drying your hair with a towel a little bit.  Mix together water and organic honey and wash your hair with this mixture after washing it first with shampoo, massage your hair for few minutes with this and then wash it with cold water; it’s important to use cold after as a final wash because it will make your hair shiny.

2 –This hair mask is very beneficial for hair growth, removing products from your hair, dandruff as well as itchy  scalp. It can be used for all hair types because is natural and doesn’t harm your hair and of course you can use it all over your hair, root also. Mix together a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with water and wash your hair after you’ve washed with shampoo, after wash your hair with cold water.

3- If you have dry hair and tired of suing store-bought products that aren’t giving any result, then all you need to do is applying olive oil on your hair, from middle towards your ends, is not recommended to apply on the roots because it will soften the root. After doing so put a plastic bag to cover your hair and leave it there for about 20 minutes then wash your hair with water.

4-You may not be a fan of beer but that’s okey because we will use it as a hair mask. If you want shiny hair and you want it now, then you need flat beer. Wash your hair with flat beer and then as a final wash use cold water. This way your hair will be shinny and healthy.