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Outstanding Ramadan Apps


Ramadan is the month of ultimate blessings for the entire Muslim community and every one desires to gain maximum benefit from the month by spending more time in prayers as compared to daily tasks. As we have stepped in modern era and gadget world, therefore this task has become quite easy!

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Almost every one possesses a smartphone today so we have brought you some beneficial Ramadan apps to get utmost benefits in minimum time. These Ramadan apps are quite useful and already millions of Muslims have downloaded them. If you haven’t them in your smart phone, you are missing a lot!

Ramadan Kit 2013

If you are into travelling, this is going to prove it the most useful app for you as it comes with Kiblah campus to detect prayer direction properly. Not only this, the app for Android phone guides you about Ramadan calendar all over the world with Duas.

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Ramadan Times

It is a reliable app for iPhone which will display Sahur and Iftar times always on your wall paper along with date widget. In addition to it, you can set alarms for proper scheduling of Ramadan meals.

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Ramadan Achievements

This app is one of the best ranked apps which will remind you always about small little deeds which you can do to gain maximum benefits. It advises you to recite Holy Quran, give Iftar to poor, and to help the less fortunate and many more.

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Ramadan Greetings

The app comes with amazing and beautiful Ramadan cards and Eid cards. After selecting a card, you can email it to your relatives and share on social websites.

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After spending time in prayers, you can spend further time in cooking.

My Halal Kitchen

This app comes with almost a variety of Arabic, Pakistani, Indian, Thai, Chinese and many other Ramadan special recipes along with picture description. What’s more useful is that all the ingredients are Halal.

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After cooking and eating, you need to take care of your calorie intake as well. Here is the perfect app for a balanced life style.

Ramadan Health + Nutrition Guide

This app not only tells you about Ramadan benefits but also give you useful diet tips for a healthy Ramadan.

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We hope that these apps will make your Ramadan schedule full of blessings.