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Papaya and Beauty Tips Home Remedies

Papaya Facial Mask

Fruits play an important role for a healthy body and life style. They minimize the risk of disease and illness, that’s why, fruits are very recommended. How about using these fruits for a healthier skin? In particular papaya, this tropical fruit is so rich with nutrient and the benefits of it are various. Here are some home remedies you can make with papaya, such as face mask, and a lot more.
Facial Mask with Papaya:
Take a papaya, cut it medium pieces and gently was your face with warm water before you start applying the papaya on your face. Take only the skin of papaya, the inside skin and massage your face with the papaya skin all over your face, so the juice of papaya refresh the skin and make it more soft and clean. Do that for few minutes, and after wash your face wi9th warm water. These mask is very simple and it doesn’t need many ingredients to prepare it, only the papaya inside’s skin, and is very easy to apply it.
Papaya and Beauty Tips Home Remedies Papaya Face Mask

Papaya and Honey, for a better result:
There are many masks you can prepare with papaya, just by using it as a base for every mask, but here we will talk about the honey and papaya mask, which is known for very effective results. It’s highly recommended for dry skin, this homemade mask will make your skin smooth and soft. For this mask you will need three table spoons of honey, and fresh papaya juice, about one cup and a half. Mix it together until it becomes like a paste. Before you apply the mixture, wash your face first with warm water; now start putting the picture all over your face and a bit on the neck, so it will be a total face- neck mask. Leave it like that for about 15-20 minutes and after wash it again.
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The enzyme found in this fruit is very used in cosmetics products, so if you look carefully, you will see that it’s true and this mask really makes the difference, enjoying using papaya for a better tone and healthier skin, with natural products only.