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Pleated Skirts


Pleated skirts are always “in” in fashion market. Girls love to wear pleated skirts all around the year with different options like colorful tops, button down shirts, jackets and blazers for trendy look. Pleats are basically folds of fabrics sewn at top of skirt to add flare and style to skirts. Pleated skirts are available in variety of stuffs, styles, prints, colors and cuts to grab attention of ladies.  Ladies prefer to buy pleated skirts over other types of skirts because of enhanced comfort and versatility of styles. Pleated skirts add curve and silhouette to personalities and are designed for both casual and formal wear.

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Colorful Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts are available in variety of colors ranging from sober colors to vibrant hues. Black, Brown and white color pleated skirts are mostly worn by working ladies for professional look  but yellow. Blue, red and green colors are preferable for casual and formal wear.

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Printed Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts are also available in distinct prints like floral prints, polka dots, strip pattern and sequences. Ladies love to wear floral printed pleated skirts with amazing blend of dark and light colors for cool and classy look during summer. Trend of wearing polka dots pleated skirts is on full bloom this season. Pleated skirts with sequences are mostly paired with fancy blouses for formal parties and get-together for stylish and alluring look.

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Pleated Pencil Skirts with Buttons and Belts

Skirts with front and back pleats are worn by ladies with leather belts give chic and stylish appearance to ladies. Both long and short pleated skirts can be worn with black, red and brown leather belts for smart look. Pleated skirts with colorful front buttons are especially designed for young ladies.

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In short Pleated Skirts are available in markets in variety of styles, cuts and color schemes to facilitate customers to buy pleated skirt of their own choice and taste.