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Polka Dot Trend Hijab Style


Many styles, trends, prints are designs of Hijab are “in” in fashion this season but trend of polka-dot Hijab is on full bloom this season. The concept of Polka-Dot originates from two famous cartoon characters of Disney World that is ” Mickey and Minnie Mouse”  They used to dress in polka-do skirts. bows and shorts having color combination of “red and black”. Designers get inspired and they struck with idea of using this polka-dots in different outfits but with advancement in fashion and trends the popularity of polka-dots reach at its peak and trend of polka-dots got great variation not only in color schemes but in also size of dots.

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Different stylish outfits, amazing cardigans, skirts and Hijabs are designed with Polka-Dots that re greatly appreciated by ladies. Now scarves of different stuffs, styles are available in unique combination of colorful polka-dots but still “black and red”, “red and white” and “red and black” combinations are included in recent and latest fashion trend, So here in this article our key focus lies on “Polka Dot Trend Hijab Style”

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Polka Dot Trend Hijabs look amazing when they are paired with monochrome tops and polka-dot woolen maxi-skirts but simple Hijabs look stylish when paired with polka-dot outfit.

Style 1

Gray and pink is one of the coolest combination and ladies love to dress in light pink maxi having white polka dots with gray Hijab and cardigan for smart and classy look.

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Style 2

Brown and white polka dot layered hijab look amazing when paired with plain pink maxi having lot of flare and jeans jackets with pumps that give ladies chic and stylish appearance.

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Style 3

Another nice combination is of white and blue. White and blue polka-dot maxis look awesome when paired with simple blue Hijab style and white jersey. or another facilitating option is to pair polka-dot maxi Hijab with dark blue maxis skirt and button down shirk for stylish and funky look on parties and get-together

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In short Polka-Dot Hijabs are available in exclusive variety in markets to grab attention of ladies and ladies love to style in these Hijab outfits for stylish and modern look.