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Professional Look for Business Women


To cope and fit in a particular atmosphere in the best possible way represent how smart and intelligent you are. We come across a number of people in our everyday life, there are some who you start admiring at the very first glance. Why is that so? No doubt a major role is played by the outfit, your presentation and the way you are carrying yourself. It becomes more important when one is in some profession especially for women. Below we present you some completely charming and comfortable combos in particular to attain a professional look by business women.

Professional Look – Combo I

Light pink pants, a dual shade top with a simple silky black shrug will definitely support each other very well. A white jacket can be worn to feel more comfy in winters. Coming to the accessories, the padded leather bag and the coat shoes both in black make it an amazing combo for a well oriented professional look.

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Professional Look – Combo II

Here is a flowery stripped purple top with a very elegantly designed white colored long jacket to be worn over it. Black pants will be the most suitable but one can go with dark purple too. Simple but attractive pearl bracelet and black shades will look good with this outfit. Now the shoes, you can go with either. High heel shoes seen in the picture are totally enticing. If you are not used to heels and your job requires a lot of travel, you can always go for pumps in purple shade.

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Professional Look – Combo III

For a different but appropriate professional look, one can wear simple black and white stripped top along with a green jacket and dark grey dress pants. With this, choose a brown leather bag and shoes having classic heel. You can have a look right here.Wearing a delicate golden bracelet will complete your impression of being a business women.

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Professional Look – Combo IV

Mostly black plazo pants can also be worn with a suitable color top. Grey woolen long coats are best for winters or you can also wear a sweater. Green printed pump shoes as seen below look comfortable and nicely matched to complete the combo.

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Professional Look – Combo V

Maxi skirts also look quite stylish. The top worn is preferably white if a colored skirt is chosen and a nicely embellished jacket will go great as shown below. The black chain clutch and coat shoes will add to your beauty as a capable professional.

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Professional Look – Combo VI

You can find an interesting combo below having a hat as a unique piece. White pants, blue loose top with leather belt and a printed stole is also suggested for a good look by business woman. Simple leather bag and pumps are wisely selected with this outfit. If you wear a watch, it also leaves a good impact on your clients.

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