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Recipe of Chicken BBQ


Now a day’s mostly Youngters are fond of spicy foods. They like more spices and taste in their food and recipes. They were very energetic and like to enjoy life in any good way. So they usually arrange parties like as barbeque. On barbeque all the friends are get together and make a fun. All of them like this because on barbeque tikka boti is made which is full of spices, spices and spices and they love it. It can be made on different occasions like on mehndi function, on birthday party, on any kind of get together. People like it very much. It’s very simple to cook. Here following are some instructions which will surely help you in making this delicious recipe.

Recipe of Chicken BBQ Chicken Tikka Boti Recipe


  1. Chicken (10 pieces)
  2. Yogurt (1 cup)
  3. Chicken Tikka Masala (50 grams)
  4. Cooking oil (50 grams)
  5. Vinegar (1/2 cup)
  6. Water (1 and ½ cup)
  7. Salt to taste

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  • 1)      Clean chicken pieces well.
  • 2)      Take a sharp knife and make shallow cuts on Chicken pieces.
  • 3)      Now take a bowl and put 1 and ½ cup of water in it and add ½ cup of vinegar and mix them.
  • 4)      Now soak all the pieces of chicken in that mixture for half an hour.
  • 5)      On the other hand mix National Chicken Tikka Masala with yogurt.
  • 6)      Coat all the pieces of chicken with this mixture of yogurt and chicken tikka masala and Leave them for 3 to 4 hours in a fridge.
  • 7)      After that time arrange on skewers and cook in oven or low charcoal fire.
  • 8)      While on fire, keep brushing Coroli oil on tikkas.
  • 9)      When the pieces of chicken are ready then serve them in a dish and garnish it with coriander leaves, cucumber, podena leaves, and place any chuttni with it.

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Now serve it in front of your friends and surprise them with your cooking magic. Get comments from your loved ones about your recipe which will motivate you and your affiliation with cooking. Share your precious comments with us. We will be waiting for it. If you have any query then do ask we will be pleased to help you any time.