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Red Smokey Eyes

Smokey Red Eye Shadow
Smokey Red Eye Shadow

We have heard about black smokey eye, brown smokey eye but what you probably haven’t heard is a red smokey eye makeup. I know it may sound a bit unusual but after all this is what differences us from each other, trying new things that will make you unique. Red smokey eye will definitely sparkle your eye and make you look unique.

This eye shadow matches perfectly to any eye color, but if you have green eyes, red eye shadow will make the wow effect. Below are the steps on how to apply the red smokey eye shadow by yourself, enjoy it.

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Smokey Red Eye Shadow

Every time you apply eye shadow keep in mind to apply the primer base, you can’t apply a good eye makeup without using the base.

After you apply the primer base then with a brown pencil draw a liner all near the up lashes and then smudge it.

Now is time to apply the red eye shadow, is important when you choose the red eye shadow, a mate color is better because like this it will not have any shine or glitter to make it look too heavy.

With a light peach eye shadow is time to apply highlight shade, apply it on the inner corner and under the brow bone.

You can add black eye liner or not, this depends what you like most, myself I like to put the black eyeliner because it will pop the eyes and make it look amazing.

After apply a lot of mascara to make your lashes look longer. Do it few times if you not happy with your lashes.

When wearing red eye shadow is important to keep your clothes quiet simple with colors, you can combine with white dress, or dark colors but don’t go after summer colors such as yellow, orange or light blue.