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Rock Your Wardrobe With Color


Once upon a time, Abaya was supposed to be in black color only. If you wanted to wear it, you had to choose black color with no other option. But now this concept is changed and women tend to wear colors in abayas. With the same concept of covering your self up, it’s just that a color palette is added to it. You can have any color in your abaya with a hijab that fulfills the demand of your dress-code.

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You can have different styles of stitching in it and they look amazing. For the hijab wrapping, you have options. Either you can go for matching one; or you can also choose some color that suits with the color of your abaya. Also, under the hijab wrapping, you can wear different colored hijab bands that are used for covering your hair completely.

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One new trend is that you wear long skirts with lose shirts. They give the look similar to abaya and fulfills the requirement of abaya. You can wear printed skirts or shirts that go with each other. Also, this way you will not feel odd one out if your friends around you aren’t wearing abayas.

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If you want to make it more trendy, you can wear jewelry too. Cute necklaces, bracelets, rings, whatever you want to. More over, smart and chic jackets and cardigans also give you a very nice look. Specially in winter season, you must wear these jackets to make your dress more cute and attractive one.

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You can make a good color combination to boost up the beauty of your dress. Be careful when you make color combinations because good color combinations add a lot to your dress. You can go for bright contrasts, or swim between different shades of same color. Either way you will look amazing. This way abayas are more fun to wear, and indeed they are more easy to carry around and blend in with all your surroundings.