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Royal Navy Blue Hijab Outfit Ideas


Color selection for your outfits is a major task for most of the people and this is because of the increase in the variety of colors. Huge amount of color shades have evolved and people are well appreciating them. Royal blue outfits are well in fashion. This color is somehow being added to add to the glory of what you are wearing. To make it easier for you to have a look and design yours, here we have Royal Navy Blue Hijab Outfit Ideas.

Outfit Idea – I

Royal Navy Blue maxi skirt is best matches with a shocking pink top which is very beautifully designed. The royal blue stone work round the neck of the top is the key factor to its layout. Similarly bag and shoes can follow this contrast of pink and blue. To avoid too much bulk of color, a simple white and blue printed scarf will be a good option.

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Outfit Idea – II

You can also wear your royal blue maxi skirt with a printed beige color top and a simple off-white jacket.

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Outfit Idea – III

A white frilled top with a coffee color shrug worn over it and a blue maxi skirt is a good idea for a decent and professional look. With this, you can choose blue and white printed check scarf.

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Outfit Idea -IV

Royal navy blue can also be combined with a maroon red color. You can wear a loose, casual style light blue top and a red-blue check jacket over it. Maroon scarf can be wrapped over it.

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Outfit Idea – V

Blue Skirt with lot of flair is also a good choice. It is more suitable for teenagers as it will be better carried by them. As you can see below, you can go for a blue-pink digital printed top with it. A simple belt can be tied for a neater look.

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