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Russian Model Masha Alalykina Converts to Islam


Everyday people around the world embrace Islam into their life, however only few share their stories and usually those are the famous people which Media will write about them and their life choices. This story is about the famous Russian model Masha Alalykina that has converted to Islam, leaving her modeling career behind. But what is the story behind the conversion?

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She was never a religious person and even in a million years she would have never thought about converting to Islam ” It did not even cross my mind that I might perform the pilgrimage and drink the best water – the water of Zamzam” she says.

One day she got a phone call where they tell her, that her best friend in another city was in coma-no one really knew if she would survive or not!  Being helpless and unable to do anything to help her friend, she thought to pray and ask god to help her friend.

The next day her friend calls her and says :  “I saw you when I was unconscious and you helped me a lot.”  She start crying and realized that she have never asked god for anything and when she prayed with all her heart and put the faith in it, the prayer was heard.

She now works as a Language Teacher in Russian University and says she is studying Arabic language-and although at first it was hard, the Arabic language fascinates her.

After being asked to why she choose Islam and not other religions she said that Islam is the religion that has the strongest foundation, and that if all the Islamic rules are being applied in real life-that’s when you can achieve success.

After being asked how she feels about her exotic modeling pictures being seen by everyone on the internet, she says that she doesn’t see any problem with that as she is not that person anymore, she feels born again and that her pictures and her story can help other people around the world to find the right path.

This is her message to non-believers: I am hopeful for people who have yet to become Muslims to come to themselves and to think beyond all the trash that is presented to them in this age.