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Scarve Collection for Summer Season



Hijab means a covering of head and body.  Dressing of Muslims should clearly reflect solid standards of modesty and dignity that are set by Islam. Islam greatly emphasizes on Hijab for Muslim ladies to enhance their respect and to save them from evils eye.Scarve Collection for Summer Season hijabs for girls1


Guys but the society in which we are living is revolutionized daily by upcoming ideas, new arrivals and some latest style. Everything is getting advance day by day. Similarly new styles and amazing trends of Hijab are now part of latest fashion. Everyday designers introduce new Hijab styles according to the variation of season and customers choice while keeping aim of Hijab in mind.

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Hijab can be done with scarves and dupattas that are worn over traditional abyas and kaftans but here we are discussing about Scarve Collection for Summer Season.  New classical scarves are now available in market which are especially designed to win the heart of patrons.Scarve Collection for Summer Season maida


For Summer season scarves of thin stuffs like cotton, shiffon are more abundantly present in different stores. Printed scarves of very light colors that seem cool in summer are more preferred by ladies. Scarves of  white, off white, lemon, light pink, purple and sky blue are beautifully designed with colorful back motif or adorned with slight and light embroidery at the edges uniquely stitched for summer season to give ladies an elegant look.Scarve Collection for Summer Season Hijab Styles Scarve Collection for Summer Season How To wear Abaya With Head Scarf Scarve Collection for Summer Season 1306737 HFW day 3 workout wear pic 1   Copy

However scarves of bright colors like red, orange, pink, green are also worn by ladies on abayas for party wear in summer season.Scarve Collection for Summer Season New Hijab Styles February 2013 1

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Classy Printed scarves of shiffon with amazing blend of light and dark shades and eye-catching prints are also designed for ladies to wear on caftans and abayas to look graceful. Grey, brown and skin colour scarves can be easily matched with abayas.Scarve Collection for Summer Season Printed Scarf Abaya For Muslim Girls 1

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In short summer season provides exclusive collection of scarves for ladies that can be worn upon abayas, caftan or even our traditional dresses to give ourselves a modest and graceful look according to teachings of Islam.