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Scarves Styles for Winter 2015


Hurahhhhhh…. Winters are finally here. The mountains are about to dress in white snow and chilling cold is about to prevail in most parts of the world. So are you all excited about this year’s winter? I am sure yes and you must have all geared up to make plans for it. Be it the BBQ parties or snow fights you all will need to prepare for it well. Leaving this discussion apart let’s jump on the trends that are mostly witnessed in winters. If we talk about the dress trends then we see a complete shift in the dressing trends. To protect yourself from winters people prefer to cover themselves fully so that they do not catch cold.

At the same time they also want to maintain the same style and glamour so that they look amazing. So we see a variety of dress codes among people. Jeans, tops, coupled with long coats, boots, sweater, mufflers, gloves, socks, etc. all are seen quite frequently in winters. Apart from these some accessories are worn as a must or as a symbol of style. Among these accessories scarves hold significant position when it comes to winter dressing.

In the past, a traditional scarf was used to wrap around head or neck to protect from cold. Scarves were hand knitted and were made of sheep wool. being pure in material, these were quite warm. But with time the fabric changed. Synthetic material is now used to make scarves which has surely reduced the warming effect. But the same purpose can be served with these as well. Similarly, the cuts and the style of wrapping scarves have also been changed and today people prefer to wear scarves in different modes. This look extremely stylish and women especially young girls look gracious.

If I relate the concept of Hijab then scarves do best for this purpose. You can easily use these to cover your heads along with abayas, jilbabs, etc. So in this article I ma going to bring some of the scarves styles for this year’s winter 2015. I am going to display a pictorial collection of these styles in the form of images which will reflect not only different fabrics used for scarves but also different styles to carry scarves. I insist you to  scroll through this collection and get to know about the latest winter trends for scarves. Let’s get started.

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Scarves Styles for Winter 2015 blue winter scarf


Scarves Styles for Winter 2015 bow fashion winter scarves 1


Scarves Styles for Winter 2015 brawoon color women winter Scarf 2014


Scarves Styles for Winter 2015 infinity scarf for winter


Scarves Styles for Winter 2015 missoni fall 2009


Scarves Styles for Winter 2015 neck warmer knit scarf


Scarves Styles for Winter 2015 Pink And White


Scarves Styles for Winter 2015 scarve16


Scarves Styles for Winter 2015 style winter scarves


Scarves Styles for Winter 2015 Winter scarf 1



That’s all for today. I hope that that collection have proved quite beneficial for you to know about unique scarves styles which you should follow this winter.