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Seafood and Health Benefits

sea food benefits

Seafood and Health Benefits

Heart disease are very common these days, we all know someone who suffer from this disease, and as it’s considered in America, the first killer. That’s why eating sea food has many benefits, not only for this disease but for many others more. Having a long and healthy life its all what we look for and with a careful diet with sea food, we can achieve it.
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It is recommended to that among meats, sea food is the best when it comes to a healthy diet. Eating fish twice a week it helps a lot, always look for fresh fish on the stores, and the best ones are : salmon, trout, herring ect.

The amount of the fish you should consume also changes with age, for example an adult should eat more fish than a teenager or a kid, because for an adult it needs around 150 grams of fish every week to give positive results in your body.

Sea foods are a good choice for your menu because they have high proteins and vitamin D, iron, magnesium, copper etc But the way we prepare the meal have to do a lot with the benefits you will get from sea food. Fast foods and fried fish or other sea foods will not be the same as baking. Using very low fats on the cooking is very important, deep frying it, will not make it more tasty only more dangerous for the health.

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Eating seafood should become a routine and you should prepare your meals in advanced so you can have a healthy life.

Always buy fresh seafood, don’t save when it comes to food, your health is more important. Even if you eat out, always order fresh seafood. Most of sea foods have omega- 3 fat which is very good for the body, especially the one of sea foods that lives in low temperature water. It is said that sea food helps with depression and headache. Eat regularly sea food for a healthy life.