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Self esteem, get a better opinion of yourself

Self Esteem

There are times when you feel down and nothing and none seem to bring you in good mood, when no matter how much you try, just it doesn’t seem to be enough. We all feel like that sometimes…but the problem starts when you feel like that most of the time..when the opinion of yourself is based on what other think about you.

Self esteem starts with ‘yourself’ ,remember the times when you tried so hard to do ,to achieve something and you failed and those voices inside you saying that you’re useless and you should have tried harder or that you not good enough..

learn to hear those voice carefully and smile, mind can play tricks the key is not to take those voices seriously, don’t be too hard on yourself !
Self esteem, get a better opinion of yourself selfesteem
Since kid we been taught that none is perfect, so why you try so much to be one? When no matter how much you try there will always be something missing, something wrong, something not good ..

It took me many reading and many years to realize that I am a human and yes, I can do mistakes and not feel bad about it. I learned to see the glass half full ,I become an optimistic just by taking things easy .

Like a friend told me once ‘Hakuna Matata’ ! which means “There are no worries” , so set yourself free from worries, give yourself that love that you expect from others.
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The way you treat yourself determines the way others will treat you. Value yourself because none will do that for you, none will see the good in you, that unique soul you have inside.

You can become what you are meant to be just by living your life the way you want to live it, the way you always dreamed, after all it’s your life and they’re your dreams. Live life in the now with all you got, with all you are …and remember ‘Hakuna Matata’