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Silver and Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial


Are you looking for some special makeup to wear on your engagement or wedding day? or even when attending one? Well, the picture below suits perfectly to everyone that is looking for something unique and stylish. Silver eye shadow matches better to brown eyes rather than blue or green ones, however that doesn’t mean that you cannot wear this kind of eye shadow if you have blue or green eyes.

What makes this eyeshadow to unique is that fact that is combined with purple. It is first time for me to see these two colors together and once I saw this picture on the web I knew that I needed to share it with all of you so you can all try it on and see if you like it or not, although what is there not to like, right?

I think this eyeshadow would look perfect with black hijab, no need to wear more colors or accessories. Although the eyeshadow is not heavy, it is the colors that makes it look so. Once again, this is not recommended to be wore during the day because it would over the top, but it would be perfect for special occasions or weddings.

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Silver and Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial