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Simple Hijab Styles


Islam gives us the right to live our lives according to the principles of Allah which were explained in the Holy book of Quran. And Hazart Muhammad (S.A.W) practically implemented the way of living which was demanded by Allah. Islam set some rules for the dressing for both male and female. Male trouser must lie above the ankle and for the females their whole body must be covered except hand and feet. The dress you wear shouldn’t be see through and tight enough such that your body structure looks prominent. In the some places Quran, has mentioned the name hijab or hijaban for the proper way of dressing for Muslim women.

Now-a-days a lot of variety of hijab is available in the market for the women and by wearing these they look trendy, pretty and up-to-date. Hijab is worn in different styles in different regions like Turkey, UK, etc. There are many styles of wearing a hijab but the basic one is the easy or most simple hijab style so in my today’s article I will show you some of the simple Hijab styles that can be worn.

First place the bandana which helps you to place the headscarf. Then fold the scarf in such a way that your one part cover your waist and the one part cover your belly. Your one side of the should be long and one  should be short then wrap it over each other and then put the pin over the scarf for firm attachment.

2 Minutes Simple Everyday Hijab Style by ipincak


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