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Skin Care during Summer


The only word in dictionary about which ladies are passionate is BEAUTY. Yes Guys no one is more conscious about beauty than women and they consider that Beauty is the essence of life. However for looking pretty it is necessary that you have healthy body as well as fresh glowing skin. But constantly changing weather creates much problem for the skin.

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In Eastern countries temperature in summer season is very high. This high temperature badly affects the skin. Skin is hall mark of our fresh look but it is the most sensitive organ that is greatly affected by temperature variation because during summer season both sebaceous and sweat gland are activated due to which more sebum is produced  and there are 99% chances of acne and once acne occurs, micro-organisms invade  the skin and infection occurs. To avoid all these issues certain points should be kept in mind for skin care during summer season.

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1- Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and reduce caffeinated beverages and alcohol intake.

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2- Add fresh fruits and green vegetables to your diet. Fruits and vegetables are source of vitamins and anti-oxidant that keep your skin fresh and healthy.Skin Care during Summer Screenshot 44


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3- Daily clean your face with cleanser to remove debris and dead skin from face. Good quality herbal cleanser should be preferred for cleansing.

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4- Apply any sun-block on your face when you are going out of your home to prevent sun-burn.

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5- Wash your face at least 20 times with water to prevent excessive sweating and sebum production It will also remove dust and debris from skin.
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6- Exfoliate your skin and for exfoliation use facial scrubs for smooth and clean skin. Exfoliation not only remove dead cells but also help your skin to      make glow.

7- If there are pimples or acne problem do not touch or scratch your skin otherwise spot or marks are left over skin.

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8- Wash your face with mixture of brown sugar and few drops of milk once daily it will remove excessive oil and dust from skin and make your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

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Above mentioned tips help us to improve our skin and make our skin refresh and smooth to give us beautiful and alluring look.