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Skirts With Hijab Ideas


Skirts are very much in trend these days. Either in short length or long, skirts give you a very nice look and your personality look very exotic as well. One great thing about skirts is that you can pair it up with any shirt. You can opt for matching or contrast one. These are good for your workplace as well. Here we have managed a few collections of skirts with complete dressing. They all are in lighter tones of colors. These will give you very nice, delicate and flowery feeling as they are very natural and subtle colors. Have a look on these.


The first one is having a light touch of plum color in it’s whole theme. The light plum shirt is having very delicate spray on the shoulders only. The skirt is in the same color as well. The jacket has a darker tone of plum in it; so does the scarf. It is having mixture of pink and plum in it. This dress is accessorized with a light plum colored bag and peachy-pink pumps.

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If you are having a small get-to-gather with friends or family, this collection will be awesome. The combination of dusky gold color with green top is amazing and it’s looking really nice. The pumps are having stones embedded on it and it will give you kind of formal look. This is a must have in my opinion.

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Another one with plum and pink combination.This is good for casual wear when you want to go out for shopping and site seeing. The floral print of shirt is making it really holiday and recreational selection for you. The plum and pink in the bags, shoes, and the scarf is really amazing.

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For students this look is really cool. It is a little funky which will make it a good choice for teenagers. The funky bag and heels are really the hot ones in this collection. With the peach shirt, blue jeans jacket will give a very good look to it. The nail colors can be used and hence you will have even better look overall.

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Pink color is the best friend of every girl and this is undoubted fact. In this combination, you will have a very cute pink shaded shirt and it is paired with peach colored skirt. The scarf i red as the print in the shirt has a hint of red in it. The fawn colored bag and very light peach pumps are making it all even appealing.

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Well this skirt i such a cute one. The pink bow in the skirt is really nice. The hijab is done with a dark purple scarf with a pink underneath. This is also a good choice for girls.

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