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Some Amazing Batik Designs


Art and design contributes a major share in nurturing the culture and traditions of any region. This has always been treated as  a tool to reflect the positive side of any civilization. If we glance at some of the amazing historical civilizations, we will observe an extraordinary display of art work. This art work is not only restricted to painting, sketching, or carving some beautiful masterpieces. It may even apply to different fabrics which can later be used for clothing.

Keeping this thing in mind we will observe many unique fabric designs which are particularly a specialty of any country. Batik is one of its kinds. Batik is a famous fabric dyeing technique which makes use of wax to create unique and innovative patterns and designs. This all is achieved manually and is accomplished by making use of wax-resist dyeing technique. In this we apply wax to specific areas of a dye-resistant fabric so that it does not absorb colors when the cloth is dipped into the dye. The wax also prevents colors from spreading out from a particular area to create motif when the dye is painted.

Countries like Nigeria, China, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Sri Lanka make batik. However, Indonesia enjoys the honor of creating best batik in the world.

How Batik is made?

Following are the steps which are adopted to make batik:

  • First of all wash the cloth and when it is soaked beat it well with a mallet.
  • Next innovative patterns and designs are drawn with pencil.
  • Later hot wax is used to redraw these designs.
  • Different tools are used to apply this wax like canting, stiff brush, cap, etc.
  • Once the cloth gets dry, the resist is removed either by simple scraping or boiling the cloth.
  • The treated areas will keep their original colors.
  • When the wax is removed the dyed and undyed areas will form creative patterns.
  • Repeat this process several times till you get the desired patterns.

Once made creative dresses are made out of these. Both men and women wear it. Men may get it in the form of casual shirts while women can wear it with jeans in the form of kurtis, tops, etc. They can even wear it with skirts. This is purely a traditional dress. So now I will feature some of the amazing batik designs which can be worn both by men and women. You can get them stitched according to the nature of the occasion.

So, here is the list which I have selected after doing some detailed research.

Some Amazing Batik Designs 0012


Some Amazing Batik Designs 02389 BIG


Some Amazing Batik Designs 10343983 gedetailleerde patronen van batik doek


Some Amazing Batik Designs 20152608 전통 의상 말레이시아에 대한 패턴 바틱을 포함


Some Amazing Batik Designs


Some Amazing Batik Designs batik design


Some Amazing Batik Designs batik parang


Some Amazing Batik Designs Batik Rainbow Butterflys by dawndelver


Some Amazing Batik Designs Graphic Tattoo Shirt


Some Amazing Batik Designs indonesian batik by vanarian


Some Amazing Batik Designs Indonesian Batik Sarong 584483


Some Amazing Batik Designs Motif Batik 1


Some Amazing Batik Designs octopus in batik by ahdhan d2nguru


Some Amazing Batik Designs rsakura fabric 4 tile 32x32 012413.ai shop preview