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Some Unique Chador Styles


With the passage of time dressing is becoming very important to look groomed and attractive. The sense of wearing something that enhance the personality and as well the confidence to stand out in the crowd is growing in people day by day. According to Islam, woman cover their heads and Muslim girls use many things for this purpose of covering and make them trendy to look attractive and gorgeous. One of such things which help them to cover is chador.

Chador is a traditional wear of Hindu and Muslims who wear it for the purpose of covering their head to foot or all parts including the face. It consists of long piece of cloth and have variety colors. It is also define as the cloth worn as shawl by Muslim women. Chador is a Persian word. It is usually use in black color but now days the trend is changing. People also prefer to use different colors. It doesn’t have sleeves and does not close in the front. To make it trendy many accessories are used on the chador. It may be used with the hijab instead of the abaya and is sometimes worn with a scarf underneath which covers the hair. It helps the woman to walk freely and feel comfortable. It is taken by both young and old woman. It is widely use in Middle East and Islamic countries but particularly use in Iran and Iraq. So I am presenting some of the unique chador styles for all my readers.

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