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Steps for Applying Nail Colour


In todays era, it is the desire of every girl to look pretty. As competition in every field of life is increasing, fashion is also on its peak. Women are no more hesitant in applying or wearing bold and fresh colours. Even in nail colours they try to choose the best ones. Trend for light and boring shades is gone, now most of the girls go for wearing bold colour clothes and they apply these colours on their nails too.

Nails are an important part of your body, giving a good or bad look to your hands. While wearing best dress, carrying a matching hand bag and wearing matching shoes our women do not forget to apply nail polish to their nails to make their hands pretty and giving them an out class look.

The thing is not just to apply nail colour on your nails whether in rough or good manner. Your nails will look pretty only if nail colour is applied with care and following the right procedure while applying it.

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Procedure for applying nail colour:

The simplest procedure for applying nail colour is:

1.     Choose shade to apply:

First of all, choose the shade you want to apply according to your mood or according to the event you are getting ready for.

2.     Wash hands properly:

Wash your hands properly and then let them dry.

3.     Remove previous nail colour:

If you have applied any nail colour previously, remove it with the nail polish remover with the help of soft cloth or cotton.

Steps for Applying Nail Colour Tips to remove nail color

4.     Apply Base- coat:

When your hand is dry well, apply base-coat on your nails. It will give protection to your nails and will make your nail colour long-lasting.Apply nail coat in this way:

  • Dip brush in polish, sufficient amount of this polish will stick to the brush.
  • First apply a coat of it in the centre; and
  • Then apply on both sides of the centre.

Nail will be covered in these three swipes.

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5.     Apply nail colour:

Apply the colour you have chosen on your nails in the same way as the base coat is applied. You can also apply the second coat of this nail colour if first coat is not sufficient enough. Now let it to dry.

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6.     Apply top coat:

In the last apply the top coat to give your nail a complete look and to protect the nail colour applied in previous step.

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7.     Dip in warm water:

When the top coat gets dry, you can dip your hands in warm water to make your nails hard enough.

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Now your nails are ready to give your hands a perfect and complete look.

So you find how easy it is to apply nail colour on your nails to enhance the beauty of your hands? Will you like to apply different shades on your nails?