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Stone Hand Rings


Stones have always been a centre of attraction and mystery for human beings. Man being the creature of exploration and innovation has always utilized natural resources to customize his needs and luxuries. Similar is the case with stones. Once the man was able to extract stones from mines; he realized their value. From that time, stones have been processed in various ways and used for a number of purposes. During ancient times they were mainly used for building and construction but when the man discovered sparkling and radiant stones in versatile colours, he could not resist their use in embellishments. So, modern era has made stones and jewellery complementary.

Due to the secrecy and mystery involved in stones and their different colours and types, they are being used by people in various ways. Some people have faith that stones can bring good effects to their lives. So, they go for a specific stone and select it according to their date of birth or names while others use them because of the charismatic and dazzling lustre and gleam in these stones. The most common way is putting them in hand rings. Many types of stones are being used – Turquoise, Amethyst, Opal, Ruby, Diamond etc.

Look at our shimmery, sheen and classic collection of various coloured hand rings. You may select them according to your outfit colour or just go for multi coloured stone rings as an all-rounder.

Stone Hand Rings – Red Stone


Stone Hand Rings RIN0004SIRED

Stone Hand Rings – Yellow Stone

 Stone Hand Rings 3 ct Yellow canary diamonds 3 stone


Stone Hand Rings – Black Stone


Stone Hand Rings Stone Cluster Cab Ring


Stone Hand Rings – TurquoiseStone Hand Rings turquoise

Stone Hand Rings – Purple Stone

Stone Hand Rings chopard tourmaline ring 600x450


Stone Hand Rings – Maroon Stone

Stone Hand Rings 081


Stone Hand Rings – Pink Stone

Stone Hand Rings 17470fy wr three qrtr1

Stone Hand Rings – Green Stone


Stone Hand Rings glass opal stone ring by steamdesigns d3af7f4

Stone Hand Rings – White Stone

Stone Hand Rings 1346408737 03040600

Stone Hand Rings – Multi Stone

Stone Hand Rings princess amanda treasure wish box multicolor stone ring d 00010101000000199405