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Stripped Hijab Style



Hijab is great blessing of Allah and ladies like to do Hijab according to please Allah Almighty and to cover their body. In Islam great stress is laid on concept of Hijab. As Holy Quran says

’And tell the believing women to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things) and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts, etc) and not to show off their adornment except what must (ordinarily) appear thereof, that they should draw their veils over their Juyubihinna.’(S24:31)

But we are living in era which is ruled by style, trend and fashion. With new trends and advancement in fashion, Hijab styles are modified according to demand of customers. Strips are “in’ in latest fashion and ladies love to style in strip pattern Hijab or strip pattern Hijab outfits for classy look. Strip pattern scarves are available in versatile designs having colorful strips of bright and vibrant colors with printed flowers between are mostly worn by ladies for purpose of Hijab. Let’s have a quick review of Stripped Hijab Style.

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Stripped Hijab Outfits

Strips gain lot of popularity among girls. Ladies like to style in strip Hijab outfits. Simple colorful Hijabs seems fits when paired with matching colorful skirts and stripped shirts for nice look.

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Simple black Hijab looks fabulous when paired with stripped maxis having black and white strips. Mostly ladies wear it on casual parties and get-together for decent and graceful look.

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Tops with amazing zigzag strips look wonderful when paired with colorful scarve and tights for casual wear. Colorful Zig zag strip pattern outfits are mostly worn by young ladies on special occasions.

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Stripped Scarves

Trend of stripped scarve is on full bloom this season. Stripped and block print scarve have an edgy quality that they can be paired with versatile options like tops, skirts, shirts, jeans and tights etc. Stripped scarves are available in different colors that greatly appealed to ladies.

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In short Strip Hijab Outfits of distinct styles, colors and stuffs are available in markets and ladies love to dress in stylish strip outfits that add silhouette to personalities and give them fabulous look.