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Stupid Questions You Hear When You Wear Hijab


21st century is classified as the century of liberalism and freedom. It is boasted by super powers that every human being is enjoying free will of life style in the modern era but unfortunately, we can observe discrimination for Muslims especially for Muslim women. The world has seen many campaigns against Hijab wearing but luckily, the glorious tradition of taking Hijab has been able to survive through all the hurdles and conspiracies.

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Although everyone is busy in his life today but still stereotype thinking has not yet completely eliminated. People are always ready to ridicule and give stupid comments on Hijab wearing people. We can say that this so called liberal world has not yet been able to liberate people’s minds from old school of thought which promoted discrimination.

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Stupid questions you hear when you wear Hijab

Here are some stupid questions which are usually listened by Hijab wearing women.

First Question

  • The first stupid question is that “How do you Breathe”?

Of course, with the nose! Hijab is a just fabric not a vacuum; it can allow air to pass through it easily.

Second Question

  • Another stupid question is that “Can you hear me properly with the headscarf put on?”

Well, why not? It is just the same as putting on a cap. It doesn’t make one deaf.

Third Question

  • People won’t enervate judging you. They will ask “Can you think?”

It’s just more than ridiculous. Can a piece of cloth stop you from using your brain?

Fourth Question

  • Talking about picnics and gatherings, people generally say, “How will you eat or drink?”

The answer is simple. There is a hidden beneath fabric and a Hijab taking woman can easily find its way through it.

Fifth Question

  • Summers come with a typical question that “Don’t you feel hot?”

              The summer scarf fabric is airy and breathable so it’s not a big issue; rather the Hijab protects from scorching sun rays.

Sixth Question

  • Last but not the least of the stupid questions from Hijabi women is that “Can you compete in your profession?”

Hijab taking women have got the same mental capabilities as others so they can work as good as other staff.


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Despite all these stupid questions, you can still see a lot of women with Hijab. Obviously, it is their courage to face all the social problems and difficult environment. Their faith in action and true belief will surely grant them eternal success.