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Styles of Hijab


Hijab is a way to cover to your body. It is type of veil that covers head, chest or complete body that is worn by Muslim ladies mostly as emphasized in our religion Islam.  Islam is the religion of peace and modesty and Hijab is considered as sign of modesty for ladies. Even western ladies also now wear Hijab to look graceful.  Hijab can be worn in different ways and styles according to own choice but Muslim ladies mostly prefer to wear Hijab according to Islam to keep themselves protected and save from both evil and men.

Styles of Hijab Simple Hijab Fashion

Styles of Hijab

There are different styles of Hijab for Muslim ladies which includes Hijab with scarf, Hijab with dopatta, Complete Hijab by wearing abayas. Mostly ladies do Hijab according to their face cut as well as look.

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Styles of Hijab Hijab Styles for Muslim Women and Girls

Hijab with scarf

Most ladies as well as our youngsters prefer to do Hijab with scarf that cover the head as well as their chest to give them modest as well as graceful look.  Some ladies like to wear scarf that is tightly tied around face but some ladies tie scarf loosely around face according to their comfort.  Black color scarf are part of latest trend to give Muslim ladies decent look. But scarf of distinct colors ranging from bright and light colors or printed scarf of different stuffs are available in market.

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Styles of Hijab Current Hijab Fashion

Hijab with dupatta

Muslim ladies often do Hijab with dupatta to cover their head, chest as well as back. Niqab is also done with dopatta. Long dopattas are prefer by ladies for Hijab to cover themselves from front as well as back and naqab can be easily done with these dopattas. Naqab is done by tying end of dupatta with pins as well as knots.

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Abaya and Hijab

Abayas are included in latest trend and they are used to cover the whole body. Majority of Muslim ladies prefer to wear abaya to cover themselves completey . Abaya of  new styles and different colors are available in market to give stylish look to ladies. But Muslim women prefer simple abaya which are easy to carry and are opaque so that nothing seen through that abaya that gives them a look according to our religion. Scarf are mostly worn above abaya to cover the head and veil is done to cover the face.

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Styles of Hijab Fashionable Hijab For Girls

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In short main purpose of Hijab is to keep our body covered and Muslim ladies should select any type of Hijab according to Islam  to seem as symbol of modesty .