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Take Care of Your Skin, Fall/Winter 2012

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With the season changes skin needs a special treatment, as the winter approach the skin get’s dryer, allergies start to appear usually in this period, food etc.

Dry Skin
A dry skin is the one who suffer from dehydration and lack of elasticity. Washing your face with warm water once per day is a good way to make it less dehydrated. Limit the makeup and alcohol made crèmes or all kind of makeup that contains alcohol because it will just dry your skin even more.
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Sensitive Skin
A sensitive skin is the one who is allergic to most of the makeup brands. For this kind of skin is recommended to take treatment and crèmes with natural and bio essentials. Use a cleaner during the night so your skin will not be very oily in the morning.

Oily skin
An oily skin is that one that shines all the time and looks so oily no matter how much you wash it. The oily skin has the tendency to attract more dirtiness than the dry skin that is because the pores are slightly open. The oily skin need to be washed more than the dry one, wash it two or more times per day. Use an hydrating toner to clean your face and always warm water.

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Few Tips : Also don’t forget to removed your makeup before sleep, is the worst thing you can do to your skin, no matter how long and tired your day was, remember to wash your face before sleep. Once in awhile is good to use facial mask, cleaning mask or with natural products that gives your skin life ,every treatment for your skin is good but the best tip is to wash it often and don’t touch it with hands during the day.