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The Blond-to-Brunette Hair Makeover

Kim After
Kim After

In this article you will read about Kim, a nice lady that didn’t have any beauty treatment (no change of haircut/makeup or anything like that) in about 20 years. She had kept the same look during the years but let’s have a look of how the American idol team has transform Kin into a new good looking person.

Kim Before:
Kim has been having the same hairstyle and doing the same makeup since high school. She doesn’t have any particular hairstyle as you can see in the pictures because she cuts her own hair. She has a daughter which goes to hair saloons every week but when it comes to herself, she really have forgotten what it means to make a change in your look.

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Kim Before

The Color:
The hair/makeup team has chosen for her a brighter hair color, she been having this brownish color for all her life, they thought is better to brighten up a little bit and pop up her amazing green eyes as well as enlighten the skin and definitely will look fresher.

The Cut:
As we mentioned above Kim have been cutting her own hair for years (I know, what she was thinking?) therefore her hair style is not equal. As she has a bit of curly hair the hair stylist cut fuller bangs and after drying the hair straight he starts volumizing the roots with spray.

The point of her makeup is brightening her green eyes; therefore light colors were used such as pearl and taupe. With a pencil they filled her eyebrows and under the eyes it was used concealer.

Kim After:
After all this change Kim now looks like a completely different person, she says she loves it and that co-workers didn’t recognize her at work.

The Blond to Brunette Hair Makeover  p makeover kim after 300x200
Kim After

Keep in mind that having some changes on your look time after time is a good thing; you can’t pretend to look good if you keep the same hairstyle as you did when you were a teenager and now that you probably a mom or at mid thirties.