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The Top 5 Fall Makeup Trends


New trends, new fashion, new makeup styles every season but in this article we will talk about the top 10 fall makeup trends for this fall/winter 2012.

1.One of the biggest trends for this fall is cherry lipstick; yes you heard that right, dark red lipstick with natural eye shadow and mascara is the biggest trend for this fall. The eye makeup should be kept as simple as possible because otherwise your face would look heavy and like a clown with all  that makeup on.

 The Top 5 Fall Makeup Trends red lipstick girl3



.2 Smokey eyes are quiet fashionable this fall but so far we have seen smokey eye with black eye shadow and black pencil but this is a new trend with brown eye shadow. Use a brown pencil and eye shadow instead of black for a more natural look.

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3. Green eye shadow is very used in the catwalks lately, its dark color and very cool for this fall, it can be combined with different colors and with a natural beige color lipstick it would look perfect for this cold days of winter.

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4. Gold Accents.  Use gold eye shadow and bronze blush for your cheeks,  natural beige powder creme for your face and a light color of lipstick. You can also wear gold jewellery for a better look. Gold is quiet in fashion this fall 2012.

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5.Groomed Brows. Pencil thin browns never look nice, eye brows look perfect when they are framed and groomed.  For perfect framed brows you need to make them done by a specialist if you can’t do it yourself, find a pencil with the same color as your brows and give them the right shape but dont go to heavy on it.

 The Top 5 Fall Makeup Trends brows

Hope you enjoyed the top 5 makeup trends for this fall !