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Tips & Hijab Styles for School


Winter season is just around the corner and in many hilly areas it is already winter there. In winter, majority of females tend to wear hijab or duppata on her head in order to stay warm. Well if you are one of them, I invite you to do with an intention of covering yourself up for the sake of Allah and make it a permanent habit. Winter is best season to get used to hijab. School girls also tend to wear scarves and mufflers around their necks to stay away from cold. Why don’t do it with some style and elegance that it looks good on you and attract more girls towards opting this habit. Here we have some tips for you when you want to look for hijab styles for school time.

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Simplicity Be The Best

First of all, school is a place where rules are followed strictly more than any other place when it comes to uniform. The first thing to follow for wearing hijab in school is: Stay Simple. You can always wrap in various ways. Every morning experiment a different way to wrap. But keep all those fancy wrappings for occasions and events. As school girls don’t look good with flowing or long wraps. Keep it easy to handle so that you can roam around your school for a long time easily.

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Color Selection

Try neutral colors that go with your uniform. Most preferable colors are black, white, or blue. If your uniform includes some color and the rule book allows you to wear that, definitely go for it.

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Coats Do Help

As winter is here, best way to wear a hijab is to keep it short. You can wrap it up on your head and tuck it into your coats, sweaters, or warm cloths that your wear on your uniform. This gives amazingly classy and neat look to your hijab, and it is trendy as well.

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Never Over-do

Don’t use jewelry or additional decorative pins or big shiny brooches to your hijab. Instead, only try different ways of wrapping  it. Simple, small safety pins, pearl pins, simple less sparkling brooches are good for a school girl.