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Top 5 Recovery Foods for Training


There are certain foods that will assist in your training and that will make your muscles grow faster, as well as keeping a healthy body. Training is very important for a healthy lifestyle.

The carbohydrates ration vs. protein should be 4:1. During the exercise muscles have the tendency to break, therefore proteins are a must in your diet but in order to restore your muscles glycogen you cannot simply just rely on proteins, you also need carbohydrates.

During the first half hour of exercise there will be a growth in enzyme and is then when the recovery starts.
Below are the top 5 recovery foods that will help you with your training.

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Black Beans:
Black beans are rich in antioxidants; therefore to include carbohydrates in your diet you definitely need black beans. For more proteins you can complete this food by including black rice also. By combining these two foods together you low the risk of any heart disease or high blood pressure.

Banana is one of the best foods when it comes to proteins. It has low fructose to glucose ration. There are many ways to combine banana with other different foods to make a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ration. Such as banana with peanut butter; one hour after exercising, eating banana with peanut butter it will really make the difference on increasing and restoring your muscles as well as taking the amount of proteins needed.
For a more refreshing and enjoy full way, you can also make a drink with banana; You can mix in blender banana, add some yogurt and milk afterwards and you will have the most delicious drink after a hard workout.

Low- Fat Milk:
Tired of sports drinks? Well then is time for you to include low fat milk in your diet. After a hard training and long hours of calories burning you will need something to refresh by taking high carbohydrates at the same time. You can have a delicious breakfast with low fat milk and whole grain, or just eat low-fat chocolate milk. Both ways are very effective and delicious.

Another way to take the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins after training is by eating granola with low fat milk. Great ways to keep your body fit and work on your muscles.

Salmon is well known for being rich in omega3 fatty acid. It has a lot of beneficial for your body and health. By combining salmon with vegetables or brown rice, you will make your training more enjoyable and effective. Salmon is also known for its benefits on heart disease as well containing vitamins such as vitamin A and B.
Tips: After an intensive workout your body gets very dehydrated, drink big amounts of water to keep your body fit.