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Top 5 Red Meat Substitutes


Red Meat it’s a daily meal for some, but for others that choose not to consume it we have some good news, there are five top substitutes that can provide to your body the same benefits and necessarily. Red meat is a dark color meat of grown up animals such as-cows, sheep and other more. They are rich iron, protein, and saturated fat which can lead to obesity it its consumed over the limits.

Many studies has been showing that consuming red meat on daily basis can be quite risky for your health such as- diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension , different types of cancer and many more.
If you are trying to have a low fat diet or free meat diet (vegetarian) then is time to learn some of the most important substitutes that will keep you healthy and strong.

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Beans – Red Meat Substitute

Beans are a great substitute for red meat but unlike meat, beans are not as high as meat in calories; they’re rich in iron, and calcium- number one nutrient to strengthen your bones. Consuming beans instead of red meat will provide to your body proteins and energy.
Consuming beans in regular basis will protect your body from type-2 diabetes, cancer, as well it low the chances of obesity- if you trying to keep fit and still eating good then beans is what you need.
There are different kinds of beans you can consume such as red kidney beans, black beans, lima beans and so on. As you can see you can always change your type of beans if you get bored to them but don’t worry there are other substitutes also.

Tofu (also called bean curd) it is very familiar in Asian cuisines. The benefit of Tofu is that is low in calories but rich in calcium, protein, iron, zinc vitamin B and so on. You can receive 10 g of complete protein by just consuming half a cup of raw tofu.
There are many ways to consume tofu, it depends on the way you like it as well as the traditional cuisines such as- baked, grilled, sautéed ect.

Tempeh is very beneficial for your health because is made by entire soybean. It has a nutty flavor as it’s prepared from fermented and cooked soybeans.

Seitan, one of the most famous of Asian food, found in grocery’s, cans, food stores and so on. Seitan also called as wheat met, it’s an amazing substitute of red meat because it looks like meat low in fat and high in protein. It’s thought that seitan was created ages ago by Buddhist monks to encourage a free- meat diet.

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Portobello Mushroom Caps
Portobello Mushrooms Caps are a great substitute of red meat because they have meaty texture and are mostly used in fast foods such as burgers.
They are free from cholesterol and very low in calories; if you are a new vegetarian and want to find some more ways to combine these foods, let me tell you that Portobello mushroom caps are well combined with dairy products-such as cheese, milk.

Portobello Mushroom Caps are rich in calcium, vitamin B, iron, magnesium, and so on.
If you are not a vegetarian but just trying to reduce or remove red meat from your diet then I would suggest fish, white meat (chicken meat), and eggs.