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Trendy Abaya Styles 2015


We have been highlighting the significance of Hijab in Islam quite repeatedly and have also been successful in bringing out the latest trends in Hijab fashion to our readers. Also we have been discussing about some traditional Hijab dresses in the previous articles. These dresses have been discussed based on geographical boundaries as well some ancient traditions. There we saw the oldest Hijab dress which has been followed till date is the Abaya which has been worn by Muslim women and young girls since ages.

Basically an abaya is loose piece of cloth just like a cloak or more precisely a rob like dress. It is worn by women especially living in the Middle Eastern world and is considered as a national dress of women living in this region. However, today it is even worn in the other parts of the Muslim world including the countries of North Africa and South Asia.

Traditionally abaya that are worn are in black color as to represent simplicity and is usually a large square of fabric draped from the shoulders or head or a long caftan. It covers your entire body quite well but not your head, face, hands and feet. To cover these women use scarfs, gloves, etc. So as we see trends are changing with time so are the abaya styles and we see quite a lot of variation in the old traditional abayas. This change is not only in terms of colors or fabric but also in terms of decor and styling.

Today abayas are available in much vibrant and fresh colors and are made from fabric like crepe, georgette and chiffon. Along with this new cuts and embroidery has been introduced in abaya styling and it looks great on women. This way they can use abayas as their dress for formal occasions as well like weddings and parties. Similarly, to enhance the grace women use a lot of accessories like jewelry, belts, hair bands, etc. For this purpose I am bringing an entire collection of images which will display Trendy Abaya Styles 2015 which will let you know which trends will be in fashion next year fro abayas. Let’s get started and witness the unique and most elegant styles.

Trendy Abaya Styles 2015 abaya


Trendy Abaya Styles 2015 Arabic Abaya Styles 2011 12 5


Trendy Abaya Styles 2015 Beautiful Arabian Style Abaya Designs


Trendy Abaya Styles 2015 Bushiya abaya 02


Trendy Abaya Styles 2015 Gulf Style Abayas 03


Trendy Abaya Styles 2015 Indian Abaya Style collection 2014


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Trendy Abaya Styles 2015 New Exclusive Stylish Abaya Designs For Girls 2014 2015 660x325


Trendy Abaya Styles 2015 Stylish Dubai Abaya Designs 2013

So have you thoroughly gone through this amazing collection? If yes then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and drop in your feedback regarding this list and share it with your friends as well who are looking for some unique abaya styles.