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Trendy Jilbab Styles 2015


In our previous article we discussed one of the most traditional dress of Hijab called as abaya. We highlighted not only the ancient histroy and culture of abaya but we also highlighted how the abayas have been revolutionized and which kinds of abayas are in trend these days. Today we will discuss one other traditional dress which is particularly used to follow Hijab among Muslim women and young girls.

The dress about which I am talking is Jilbab yet another dress which is particularly known to the Middle Eastern world. Precisely any long and loose-fit coat or garment which is worn by Muslim women can be called as Jilbab. People usually say that Jilbab fulfills every definition of Hijab in Islam so if Muslim women wear Jilbab then they follow every condition of Hijab in Islam. The reason behind this fact is that normally the Jilbab covers your entire body but not your hands, face, and head. To cover these you may use a scarf to cover the head and niqab to cover the face. Jilbab is worn not only by the Arabian women but also by the women living in the South East Asian countries like Indonesia.

Like abaya, the jilbab was also available in black color but as time and trends changed the color variation and fabric for jilbab also changed. Now more vibrant colors have taken the place like blue, purple, pink, yellow etc. Along with some of  the accessories like jewelry, large hand bags, high heels shoes, etc.

So with this thing and leading trend in Jilbab industry I am bringing a list of images which will show the leading jilbab styles in trend these days.  Let’s look at these images.


Trendy Jilbab Styles 2015


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Trendy Jilbab Styles 2015 bahrani abaya jilbab


Trendy Jilbab Styles 2015 jilbab amani


Trendy Jilbab Styles 2015 jilbab jilbab prune big


Trendy Jilbab Styles 2015 jilbab moultazimoun


Trendy Jilbab Styles 2015 jilbab noire mpi


Trendy Jilbab Styles 2015 jilbab noir profond en maille


Trendy Jilbab Styles 2015 jilbab saria marron chine


Trendy Jilbab Styles 2015 jilbabs jilbebs al manassik bleu ciel


Trendy Jilbab Styles 2015 Spring jilbab designs 2013

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