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Trying to Stay Young? Try Exercise


There has been many researching through years to find the key on staying young and healthy. You can’t prevent the aging process but what you can do is something even better!
You can have a long healthy life through exercise;
Exercise should become a habit, walking should become a passion; eating healthy food a must. People that have an active life are more likely to live longer. Why? Because they get involved with healthy lifestyle, community and other people in general.

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They tend to be less stressed because of the busy life. If you sit in a corner waiting for things to happen you will solve nothing, instead make something for your life, make something to live longer, and that is exercising.
By exercising you will keep your weight under control. Obesity has become a real concern in today’s world. Where junk food is so easy to find. By exercising and losing weight or by just keeping your ideal weight you will have a longer life.

Exercise Improves mood
Yes it’s true. There are days we tend to feel so down that exercising seem the last thing we would want to do, but do it. Don’t just stay in bed whole day just because you can. By doing so you will only feel more tired and sleepy; go out for a walk, or go to the gym, do aerobic home or whatever that makes your body move. You will see the change in your mood and the energy in your body.

How many hours per week you exercise?
It is important to keep your body moving; having a passive life it can be done easily nowadays where cars, elevators, computer – can make life easier but same time passive and unhealthy. You need to exercise at least 2-3 hours a week in order to have a healthy life. You can do it through walking, gym, dancing course or whatever you enjoy most. The options are enormous all you need is the will!

Cholesterol level
Keep your cholesterol level under control; Heart disease and a lot more can risk your life through high cholesterol level. The idea level of cholesterol should be 200mg/dl.

Do you sleep enough?
If you lack sleep, likely your hormones will change which can lead to many different disease, weight gain or lose, and many other patterns that can follow. It may seem unimportant but it is. 8 hours a sleep each night should be a must for each of us.