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Turkish Hijab Styles


Islam is a religion of peace and it gives the complete guidance about all the spheres of life. So how it’s possible that it doesn’t define the proper way of dressing according to the code of  Islam. With the passage of time, the trends in the style of hijab is changing. In the past years people thought to fulfill conditions of Hijab by wearing Abaya. But it gave a very casual look and people could not wear it on formal occasions. But with time the different styles of hijab were introduced in the market which can give you trendy and stylish looks. Recently, a lot of enhancement and variety has come in the market and designers are putting a lot of hard work to produce the trendy and stylish hijabs. Today embroidery work is also being done on the hijab which can easily be worn on the special event like wedding, Eid.

The sense of styling enhance yours personality not for wearing the hijab but also in any dress, you wear. Different  hijab  styles are used for different face cuts, which are as follows:

  • Rounded face
  • Heart-shaped
  • Oval –shaped face
  • Square shaped face
  • Rectangular face

For the round face your forehead should not be hidden and hijab should be bit loose on the sides. The heart-shaped face should pin their Hijab right under your chin to increase the jawline. The hijab really suits on the oval shaped, on this face Turkish hijab suits really well. The square faced people must show off the forehead and your hijab style should be loose under the chin. Kuwaiti hijab suits the best for the square shaped face. For the rectangular face you should keep your forehead visible.

Turkey is secular state, in which hijab is banned in the university and colleges. But most of the people living in Turkey are Muslims. The women in  the Turkey wear the trendy and stylish hijab. They usually prefer to wear a dark and flashy colors. The Turkish ladies are well aware of the latest fashions. So for this reason I am presenting some of the amazing Turkish Hijab Styles.

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