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Turquoise Dresses Inspiration


What colors you wear, is one of the top factors that make your personality. If you wear boring and dull colors, you look like someone annoyed of life and happiness. While on the other hand, bright and fresh colors make you look and feel lively and joyous. Turquoise is that one color which is loved by almost every woman these days. Most women like pink color the most, but these days turquoise has made a new trend. It is very elegant, classy, yet funky and lively color. Different shades are available in this very color of turquoise. You can choose any of them for your new dress. Have a look on the dresses we have gathered for your inspiration for turquoise color.


The first dress has a little more touch of the sky blue color in it. It is really nice one. The V-shaped neck is connected to the belt. The white-silver embroidery done with stones is looking really stunning. The flare is cool as well. It is a good choice as a party wear.

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Silk and net are really in trend these days. This dress you are looking at is having both. The elegant net is covering the sleeves and the upper bodice, while the remaining whole dress is made up of silk. The color is very deep and is giving amazing look to the dress as well. This dress will be a good option for night functions for it’s darker shade.

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If you want to have really sparkling look on an occasion, this dual shaded dress should be your pick! A silk gown is covered with lighter shade of chiffon. And the whole chiffon has pearls and beads on it.

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A simple bodice is embroidered in this next one. The whole gown is simple, only bodice is given a very trendy motif on it. the hijab is also embedded with a silver motif which is increasing the royalty of this dress.

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A jacket like self-print cloth is worn over a plain gown in this one. This is also a very nice and delicate dress. It will be a good choice for girls who want to have a dress for a simple hangout with friends.

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If you want to go completely simple, this is your choice. A plain gown is here for you which is also not very long. It is not floor-length gown. And it i is worn with a contrasting color of hijab. To enhance the color, same color is used in a big necklace which is looking relly magnificent.

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